The Spotlight | Local House Showcase

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Are you proud of our city’s music scene? Me too- Let’s celebrate it! On Friday April 14th, D.C.’s most authentic house DJs are taking over U Street Music Hall. We will be treated to sets from Sam Burns, DJ Nav, Sol Power All-Stars, and Ozker.

In 2016, Sol Power All-Stars released Djidjo Vide (featuring Elikeh), an afro house smash that appeared on Soul Clap’s Fabric mix CD. Much like Sol Power’s extensive catalog, this original record is influenced by Brazilian house with its unique rhythmic style and soulful melodic horn section. Sol Power All-Stars have a vast audience and performed shows throughout the U.S., Colombia, France, and more.

The DC veteran Ozker will return to U Street Music Hall for this Local House Showcase. You have seen him several times before performing with Will Eastman and others at the same venue. Ozker holds several monthly residencies in the city, including nights at Eighteenth St Lounge, Dodge City, Marvin and the Velvet Lounge. He is well known for his bottomless bass and unstoppable Afro.

Also joining the circus is DJ Nav, the DC native that defines his taste as the “golden sound of house”. His tastes drive his production style as DJ Nav has released his own music on Brooklyn’s Love Revolution, Made Fresh Daily, and Spanish Imprint Traxx Underground.

Last but not least, Sam Burns will also take the sticks on April 14th. Sam Burns may be one of the most experienced DJs in DC, frequently performing at U Street Music Hall, Flash Club, Eighteenth St Lounge, and others.

The Local House showcase is geared up to be an eclectic combination of outstanding artists and passionate performers. Save the date, this is an evening you do not want to miss.

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