Zoya Mohan on making it in the scene from India to California and back. Born in New Delhi, India, Zoya has continuously embraced her cultural roots as her music has evolved. In her early years, the young singer never thought she would make it in mainstream music even after studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She hit the stages early after graduation, and found luck from playing in

In April, DC techno staples Lisa Frank and Rez Ekbatan released their single “Whisper”, which also features a host of remixes from other top city talent. The standout remix in the package comes from Bernard Farley, better known as Outputmessage, who is a creator of first class house and techno. He recently sent us a fantastic video of him performing the track, recorded by director Nigel Lyons at Grace Reformed

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After 3 years of silence since M1 Personal Trainer, Mssingno is finally back with a brand new mix. M2 Personal Trainer brings all the hallmarks the producer is known for. Saccharine pop hooks that are pitch-shifted and warped over top of swelling, candy coated grime and trap instrumentals fill out the 19-minute mix. This time around the vocals are initially a bit tougher to identify save for the inclusion of

SOPHIE is back with her latest offering, a non-stop remix of last year’s excellent album, Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. She uploaded it direct to YouTube, much to the pleasure of fans such as myself who were not going to shell out the $285 for the physical version. You have to hand it to her for originality, though; I am not aware of any other artists who release their music