Came across this New Order cover by Sennen. The Norwich, UK band takes one of your favorite classics and noise melds it with 90s Shoegaze. Not mad at that! Dig the NuGaze. Nab it on iTunes or here.

After their original remix of Terry Poison‘s “Comme Ci Comme Ca”┬áprematurely leaked (LOLZ), The Twelves re-vamped the track and released this brilliant edit. Terry Poison – Comme Ci Comme Ca (The Twelves Remix) – Version 2 (mp3)

“Club music ain’t dead” was the first line in a welcome email recently from our dude James Nasty, who’s back with some nu club for yer Seratos n iTunes. No matter your sign, drop down like it’s yer birthday y’all. James Nasty – “That Birthday Track” (mp3) If you haven’t already, go in on his “Dance MuthaFucka” track from awhile back, too. James Nasty – “Dance MuthaFucka” (mp3)

Miles Fisher‘s original take on The Talking Heads, “This Must Be The Place” is no doubt one of our favorite videos of the year. An homage to the cult classic American psycho that could only be pulled off by Christian Bale look-a-like and DC native, Miles Fisher.

Data’s new Electric Fever EP drops today on Ekler’o’shock. The title track, “Electric Fever” is reminiscent of almost every inspirational song played during an 80’s montage (think Top Gun & Rocky IV)…and that is in no way depressing. Data – Electric Fever (mp3)