NO SCRUBS: 90’s Dance Party began in 2004 as a one-off concept party by friends and DJ partners Will Eastman and Brian Billion. The idea was simple: play both guilty pleasures and underground classics you listened to growing up in the 90’s: Salt N Pepa and Nirvana. Ace of Base and Happy Mondays. The Prodigy and Biggie. By its third edition, the party quickly began to sell out the Black

Breakbot, the newest member of the reliable Ed Banger team, is taking over the new decade at an unprecedented rate. His latest track, “Baby I’m Yours” Feat. Irfane is a funk induced adventure that truly exhibits his seemingly unlimited potential. Oh, and his remixes are pretty good too… Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours Feat. Irfane (mp3) Air – So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix) (mp3)

This track has been rocking my winter playlist for a good minute now, distancing itself from the slew of “Doubt” remixes currently overwhelming the blogosphere. Please take your time on the dance floor with this bonafied jam. Delphic – Doubt (Cryptonites Remix (mp3)

In an era of computer generated beats and synth based hooks, Scottish stomp rockers The Law are a band that actually play real instruments. So 2003, right? All I can say is that this epic snowstorm got me in the mood for some straight rawk and The Law are the exact fix I was looking for (think Queens of The Stone Age meet The Clash). Download their single “Don’t Stop,