Where and how did The Caribbean initially meet? Michael and I were in a band throughout the 90s called Townies; when that collapsed, we hooked up with Tony Dennison of Smart Went Crazy. ┬áIt evolved from there — other members, a rotation through various tour iterations — and now it’s mostly Michael Kentoff, me, and Dave Jones, with recorded contributions from Mr. Dennison and also Donald Campbell. Your last release

Bliss alumni Yes Giantess have been making some serious moves lately, so serious that they will be opening for La Roux this Wednesday at the sold out 9 30 Club*. In anticipation for this momentous event, we would like to feature their debut US single “The Ruins” which will be released on 7” through our good friends over at Neon Gold. Yes Giantess – The Ruins (mp3) *Nuh Uh! is

Moto Boy are preparing to release their forthcoming record Lost In The Call on March 3rd through Swedish label Songs I Wish I Had Written. Moto Boy – The Heart Is A Rebel (Radio Edit)

“First Lady, I’m sorry I pimp slapped you into that china cabinet” – Black Dynamite

Speechless. Can guarantee this video only gets better on 2nd and 3rd viewings. Get familiar. Die Antwoord = “The Answer” to… whatever.