Inspired by both Nintendo and the late 1980’s (equally awesome), 9/17 2007 confirms that Danger is still a master of his craft — It’s kind of like playing “Turtles in Time” on ecstasy. Danger – 3h16 (mp3) Danger – 3h11 (mp3)

Chiddy Bang are gearing up to release their forthcoming EP, The Opposite of Adults on February 22nd via Parlophone Records. Their track “Opposite Of Adults” sampling MGMT’s “Kids“ blew up this summer and spurred the release of the accompanying music video above, not bad for a college student from Philly. Chiddy Bang – Opposite Of Adults (mp3) Chiddy Bang – Sooner Or Later (mp3)

Deeply saddened to learn Nick Nichols of Metro Cafe has passed away at the far too young age of 45. Nick gave countless DC DJs our first gig and believed in DC music. Metro Cafe was an incubator for the DC indie dance scene, the first venue to host Mousetrap, BLISS, Panic, and countless other events. RIP Nick. Thank you for believing in us. I hope you’re at peace. This

Beatsmith Ramble John “RJD2” Krohn engineers a healthy blend of soulful hip-hop and addictive funk in his most recent album Colossus, which dropped earlier this month on Electrical Connections. After a decade of slaying it, one might call RJD2 the Bret Favre of beats. RJD2 – Let There Be Horns (mp3)

All the peeps asking about “that Lion King” track I dropped at BLISS Saturday, here it is. Sh*t is the jam. Douster – King of Africa