Continually pushing capacity at U Street Music Hall, Will Eastman’s forward-looking dance party, Bliss, returns on Saturday, June 26th with special guest DJs Stereo Faith and vAnniety Kills. For nearly a decade, Bliss has ignited a fire among its patrons with a no attitude, just fun and “insane dancing” agenda. It’s mission statement is to get it’s patrons in trouble, intoxicated and in love. This time, with local DJ and

Way back in 2007, Montreal native CFCF (Michael Silver) entered his remix of Crystal Castles’ “Air War” into an official remix contest. Not only did he win the contest, but he followed it up with a multitude of high profile releases, remixing both The Presets and The Teenagers. On June 29th, CFCF will follow up his debut album Continent with the Drifts Remix EP on Paper Bag Records. Expect the

I’m not going to lie, I missed the boat in 2004 when Funeral was released. At that point in my life, I was only just beginning to understand there was more than the Grateful Dead and The Beatles in the world of music. Luckily, I was older, more mature, and more musically aware by the time the hype storm surrounding Arcade Fire‘s Neon Bible rolled through town. But unfortunately, the release

If you’ve ever seen Bluebrain live, you’ll know that their aesthetic endeavors have the two brothers exploring and pushing both sonic boundaries and the visual landscape. When performing live, their haunting and multilayered electronic music, rich in deep tones and timbres, textured with interesting instrumentals and various string arrangements, and characterized by dynamic transitions in pace and rhythm, is often accompanied with strange and mystifying visual effects, making them just

If Ok Go know how to do one thing, it’s how make a jaw-dropping music video. “End Love” premiered at Bonnaroo last week and is no exception. Bonus: Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Remix) (mp3)