The birth of U Street Music Hall!! Nadastrom + ayres, specifically: filling dave’s hotel tub full of bed linens, towels and lampshades, then Ayres peeing on them.. Only to have dave stand on top of the asparagus and coffee stained stack to wash his luxurious hair. Green eggs and hammy, lez-go Fake ass Hawaiians (obama eastman) Rockin an explosive rooftop jump-off in Taipei in front of my mom and her

Zombie Disco Squad – “The Dance” (YouTube) The rise of of tribal minimal house? “The Dance” is anchored by a sound somewhere between a kick drum and bass, each beat taking a downward bend. Even as they fold in the congas and shouts there’s nothing that hits as hard as the pure drop at 0:38 seconds in. Nadastrom – “Ghetto Pass” (YouTube) The Saved EP is a meditation on the

1. Dave Nada’s Birthday jump-off at 930 club with the fam!! – Blisspop DC Summer Extravaganza 2. Dre Skull Ft. Vybz Cartel – “Yuh Love” 3. Major Lazer – “Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do” (album) 4. TnT with Chris Burns and ELM on Inauguration weekend 5. Scion Tour w/ Tittsworth, Ayres, & DJ Haul 6. Cabin Fever – “Don’t You Know” 7. Mad Decent Block Party 8. Barcelona’s Tapas 24 and

Zack (ATG Writer): 1. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – Phoenix – 1901 (mp3) 2. Manners – Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings (mp3) 3. Time To Die – The Dodos – Fables (mp3) 4. Dark was the night – Various Artists – Brackett, WI (mp3) 5. Technicolor Health – Harlem Shakes – Strictly Game (mp3) 6. Discovery – Discovery – So Insane (mp3) 7. Grand – Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare (mp3) 8. Phrazes For The

1. Manners – Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come (mp3) 2. Lungs – Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (mp3) 3. Wolfgang Amadeus – Phoenix – Armistice (mp3) 4. Gorilla Manor* – Local Natives – Wide Eyes (mp3) 5. Junior – Royksopp – Happy Up Here (mp3) 6. XX – The XX – VCR (mp3) 7. Sigh No More* – Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man