Beatsmith Ramble John “RJD2” Krohn engineers a healthy blend of soulful hip-hop and addictive funk in his most recent album Colossus, which dropped earlier this month on Electrical Connections. After a decade of slaying it, one might call RJD2 the Bret Favre of beats. RJD2 – Let There Be Horns (mp3)

All the peeps asking about “that Lion King” track I dropped at BLISS Saturday, here it is. Sh*t is the jam. Douster – King of Africa

It’s easy to brush off Mighty Tiger as a carbon copy of every happy-go-lucky, midwestern, indie-pop outfit. However, after further review, it may be the band’s brutal honesty that separates them from the pack and rises them above the mind numbing sea of mediocrity. Straight from their bio, Mighty Tiger openly address their status in the indie kingdom: “Well, at least it’s not a forest animal but still, another ‘animal’ band name? And

On February 24th, Swedish quartet Sambassadeur are slated to release their third album titled European on Labrador Records.  Characterized by deep orchestral layering and whimsical vocals, it is no question that European is the band’s most inspired release to date. Sambassadeur – Days (mp3) Sambassaduer – Forward Is All (mp3)

Tonight at The Black Cat in DC, Sockets Records will be celebrating both its 5-year anniversary and the upcoming release of Imperial China‘s record Phosphenes. If the line-up alone doesn’t get you all hot and bothered, then download a few sample tracks to get the weekend started. Line-Up The Cornel West Theory HUME Imperial China Buildings Big Gold Belt Downloads Hume – Grip (mp3) Big Gold Belt – Do Not