Saturday night is the first Bliss Dance Party at its new home, U Street Music Hall! RSVP here and get ready with an excellent mix from guest DJ Harry Hotter (AVLG, TV Party). Harry Hotter – Bliss Blitz! Quick Mix (mp3) (Photo by Sexy Fitsum/iLLIMETER)

Part 1 Cults – “Go Outside” These guys are just starting to get some blog lovin’, and after listening to “Go Outside” it’s pretty clear the attention is deserved. Haunting, effortless, yet catchy, in the vein of Arcade Fire. Two Door Cinema Club – “What You Know” This song makes me do that goofy-white-guy-playing-drums-on-his-thighs-or-belly move, but I do so unashamedly. Tanlines – “Real Life” A grandiose cacophony of layered instrumentals.

Dear friends, Join us for BLISS this month at our new home, U Street Music Hall! U Street Music Hall was built from the ground up to host a party like BLISS. It’s a no-attitude basement music venue at 12th & U with the feel of a laidback rock club, cheap drinks and a fantastic, 40,000 watt sound system. (One word… BASS.) We’ll have more space to dance and there’s

Kentucky’s Amtrak, otherwise known as the John Wall of bass (not really), recently released a high quality dub-step remix of Amanda Bank’s “Might Like You Better”.  I’ve never claimed to be a connoisseur of dub-step, but the 1:50 mark of this track is a concentrated dose of ecstasy. Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Amtrak Remix) (mp3)