“The Rabbit”, Mike Snow‘s latest track following their¬†immensely successful self-titled album, is catchy, brilliantly produced and accompanied by absolutely amazing video. Frontman Andrew Wyatt has an uncanny knack for a killer hook, and if this track is any indication, he is only getting better. Miike Snow – The Rabbit (mp3)

If there’s one thing you should know about our best buddies over at All Things Go, it’s that they’re JACKED. Okay not really, but they did release an amazing workout mixtape just in time for you tone those glutes and hit the beach. Hopefully by then you will look something like this: My Hero All Things Go Workout Mixtape Disc 1 [MediaFire]

In their latest official remix, Spain’s Delorean touch Cold Cave’s single “Life Magazine” with sweeping synth-laced ¬†hooks and pulsing ambient bass. An excellent track to decompress to after a long night out… Cold Cave – Life Magazine (Delorean Remix)

Gyrating, inebriated, and sweaty amidst the chaos of a crowded dance floor is not the only way to enjoy electro/techno/house music. You could just be playing video games (likely FIFA ’10), putting together the soundtrack to a killer photo montage, taking a lazy drive down the city streets on a Sunday afternoon, or more perfectly, you could be savoring a cigarette in bed with you lover, coming down from the

North London electro-pop trio Ou Est Le Swimming Pool fall somewhere in between MGMT and Duran Duran, nothing especially unique or daring, but definitely infectious and worth a listen. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I feel (mp3)