O*RS: A Fancier Record Label

Leipzig based O*RS is fancier – that is the word label bosses Filburt and Florian Seidel chose to describe their record label. What Filburt and Seidel mean when they say their label is “fancier” is open to interpretation. Are O*RS releases shinier and more stylish than average? Does every O*RS artist wear a fedora? Is “fancier” a trendy word catching fire among German hipsters? Does Germany even have hipsters or has their superior taste in obscure techno evolved them beyond American hipsterdom? Nobody knows.

Do not let Filburt and Siedel’s unusual word choice draw your attention away from the high quality productions O*RS releases regularly. O*RS’ sound spans a diverse spectrum of electronic music: mellow, acid-infused cosmic house and driving techno are two of many styles this label covers. Listen to three of my favorite tracks from O*RS’ spotlight on Soundcloud:

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