Fashen – So Complete EP

DJ Fashen is signed to the SKAM Artist management company, so this EP came as a bit of a surprise. Not that disco is outside of their comfort zone, most of those guys are pros at bringing tracks from the 70’s and 80’s into their bottle service sets. But that’s just it, they’re usually focused on bottle service clubs, which is why it was such a pleasant surprise to find this record has zero dutch house synths.

Enough nerdery, though, onto the EP. Put out on the Young Robots label courtesy of DJ Ayres, Skinny Friedman, Apt One, and Relative Q. If those names don’t mean anything, go do some googling. Young Robots has been putting out a smattering of disco in recent months including Solidisco (whose “Hooked” graces the sound-system of U Street Music Hall nearly every weekend these days), so it’s nice to see them continuing the trend.

So Complete is only 3 tracks, but it’s a really strong EP.

“Ecstasy,” the first track, will find a nice spot in the sets of pretty much anyone playing disco these days. It’s smooth and slickly produced, which makes it a sure shot even for DJs stuck playing Rihanna for the majority of the night.

But “Say That You Heart Me” is where Fashen really shines. The sample is beautiful, the synth solo in the middle of the track is simply to die for, and given the melody it is fully reasonable to expect DJs to play this back to back with Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” You laugh, but just you wait.

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