Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo – Wicked Games

In a power play no one saw coming, electro/EDM superstar Chris Lake teamed up with Chris Lorenzo of UK’s burgeoning G-house scene for a low-key, stripped down, incredibly deep cut that is going to make all of the 80’s and 90’s babies go insane.

A new take on Chris Isaak’s Top 40 hit single “Wicked Game,” this edit takes the notorious acapella of Isaak’s supercroon and blends it superbly¬†with an enticing, down tempo house vibe composed of shimmering pads, mellowed piano hooks, and a slick combination of kicks and snares. Thus, a newer, fresher, bouncier life is instilled into a track otherwise known as a sappy, tragic killjoy; a hard feat to accomplish, but one that Lorenzo and Lake have astonishingly succeeded in doing (while also showcasing a side to them that hasn’t been seen yet). Make sure you get on this while you can.

Listen to “Wicked Games” after the jump and visit Chris Lake’s SoundCloud for a free download of the track.

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