All Melody, the latest record from Nils Frahm,  is minimalist neo-classical perfection that deserves an attentive listen from start-to-finish. This auditory experience was recorded at his new studio within the famous Cold War-era Funkhaus studio in Berlin, formerly a hub of the East Berlin broadcasting industry after World War II. The album captures the essence of the Bauhaus style featured so prominently in the aesthetic of this famous recording studio.

Nottingham producer Lone has carved a rich niche for himself in terms of making interesting and danceable house music. His Ambivert Tools, Volume Two dropped last year and made use of the whole spectrum of synth lead and drumwork to create a record full of vibrant and arresting dance micro-journeys. Amidst the simple enough bars of bass and conventional stomp of the beats, he manages to add enough local colour

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Best Remix The xx, “On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)” Jamie xx’s grasp of emotive song craft is indisputable, yet he always seems to shine brightest on the dance floor when remixing his own music. The greatest dance music is simple and appeals across genres. Add a dollop of emotion and Jamie has the recipe for something to lose oneself in under the mirror ball time and time again.     Honorable

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Best Remix The Shapeshifters, “Lola’s Theme Recut (Dr. Packer Remix)”  Dr. Packer’s remix of “Lola’s Theme Recut” on Glitterbox Recordings was a good addition to the Lola’s Theme Recut release. The remix has the right balance of energy over the course of the track, making it a winner to play out in sets. I expect “Lola’s Theme Recut (Dr. Packer Remix)” to remain in my rotation in 2018. Honorable Mention

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Best Remix Snacks, “Order To The Senses (Kornél Kovács Remix)” When Berlin and Stockholm collided musically, it was pure magic. German producer Kornèl Kovács flipped “Order To The Senses” — a lovely house track by the Swedish duo Snacks — into one of the sexiest and addictive deep house jams of 2017. Honorable Mentions Men I Trust, “Tailwhip (Essáy’s Laidback Remix) Parcels, “Myenemy (Inagwa Remix)” Best LP/EP Demuja, Demujas Disco Cuts Although issued