A broken pitchfork
Pitchfork is a well-respected online music magazine. The publication was founded by Ryan Schreiber in 1995 and covers a swath of music. Yet even reputable sources of information can lack foresight. Pitchfork’s degrading reviews of Daft Punk’s Discovery in 2001 and Daft Club in 2004 are evidence that Pitchfork dropped their crystal ball, it shattered, and they lost much of their credibility as a tastemaker. Schreiber’s review of Discovery was well

The sixth release from lauded Russian label трип landed a monster coup by releasing a vintage track by AFX (fka Aphex Twin). Fans of Aphex Twin will find a lot to love on the opening track of When I Was 14, released last week. A tinny percussive loop with elements of cloppy mechanical detritus, reminiscent of late 90s Warp and Rephlex tracks, propels Icelandic producer Bjarki‘s “Bæpolar” which is topped

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A quick tempo and a heavy beat march Jay Zoney’s “Workhorse (Original Mix)” onward. The Vancouver based techno DJ/Producer created a fierce, almost militaristic track in this Eternal Drive Recordings release. The tone of the track is set by a warehouse-style kick drum that goes straight for the jugular. Percussive and other effected elements add to the intensity throughout the track. Prepare yourself before listening – “Workhorse (Original Mix)” is

Primed for the summer of 1996, “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s was released twenty years ago by So So Def.  The song’s Miami Bass low end rumble, gliding monophonic melody, and yearning vocals captures the humidity of a summer dusk in Atlanta.  The song has become a club staple and has recently gained notoriety as the soundtrack to the Running Man Challenge, but “My Boo” also returns in spirit this

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The worst damage you can possibly do to a great chorus is to wrap it in tepid verses. Dick Valentine understands this, but of course anyone who adopts the stage name Dick Valentine understands this. That’s the secret of “Danger! High Voltage” – there are no verses, only an opening and closing salvo bookending a chaotic mix of choruses and solos. Electric Six takes their metaphors literally – if yelling