Splitting their time between London and Berlin, the duo of Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe have been making disco-tinged Balearic pop as Private Agenda since 2014. In the years following, they have gone from strength to strength with each release, with their most recent EP, Aura being released last week, highlighted by its first single, “Kingfisher”. A relaxed track with a melodic nod to 90s trip hop, “Kingfisher” is beautifully

“Fear for You” by VONAVI featuring Lorna Rose is an ethereal masterpiece tinged with longing. This ambient composition takes listeners on a cinematic journey through expansive soundscapes. VONAVI is the pseudonym for producer Andrei Ivanov, whose music has been notably featured on Marvel’s “Cloak & Dagger” and as an original composer he has produced various scores for short documentaries and commercials including Patrón Tequila featuring director Guillermo del Toro among others.

Bye Beneco
Blisspop staff writer Lu is reporting from Cape Town, South Africa The first couple of seconds of the latest Bye Beneco release titled “I’m Not the One” has the potential to leave you dumbfounded. It’s almost as if the band recorded the sound of a motor engine and started sampling it to create this rumbling bass sort of effect. Although as soon as the crash hits, we’re tossed into this

Feedback Friday Artwork
Here at Blisspop, we aim to show our audience who’s making their mark on music today. In our Feedback Friday series, we bring you the latest sounds, sorting through the good and the bad. This latest edition of Feedback Friday features music by Bonobo, Kousto, Moonee feat. Mangabey, Rosalía, and Win And Woo feat. Kaleena Zanders. Blisspop contributors Will Creason, Aeron Premo, Justin Barini-Rivers, Yvette Bailhache, and Katie Bowles selected and reviewed

Duke & Jones is a duo based in Manchester known for creating dynamic aural experiences that range through a variety of electronic subgenres. “Synthetic” is the newest addition to this group’s stimulating portfolio. Beginning with and continually punctuated by a blissfully manic minor key arpeggio, “Synthetic” slowly darkens as it builds. The atmosphere creates the sensation of a barely contained public panic attack. The nervous energy sits deep within the depths