Like a ‘tidal’, the wave of popularity over the past couple of years has shifted towards services such as Spotify and iTunes, leaving many in this day and age to question the use or even the user experience of good ol’ Soundcloud. The way I see it there’s a latent feature Soundcloud retains that can’t be replicated in the same vein…and that’s the sense of stimulating novelty. On other platforms

Sam Vogel, otherwise known by his big teethed moniker Jauz, has been making headlines since his college days. He is California-based and an Icon Collective graduate. From an early start, he has had support sign off from electronic industry leaders such as Zedd, Skrillex and Diplo. He also hosted his own pool party, “Jauz & Friends” at Coachella. The young producer has had multiple sold-out headlining tours and a new Billboard #1

From creating his own newly minted label, ‘Dharma Worldwide,’ to teaching classes in his hometown of Berkeley and touring across the world in trying to unite diverse sounds and people; Niles Hollowell-Dhar is on a mission to learn even more about his craft. His recent show at the Avant Gardner in New York brought together an orchestra along with his sonic electronic beats. As a former member of the ‘Cataracs,’

Hummingbird Tapes Image
When caught in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s often difficult for musicians to let go and freely create. What if they had the chance to get away from it all and work with like-minded people in a tropical place? Thanks to Hummingbird Tapes, now they do, and it results in both organically-created music and an increased sense of artist community. Michael Beckhart is one of the founding

  Over the course of one short year, Disco Tehran has become a mainstay of the New York party scene, popping up throughout the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, and Bushwick to deliver vintage bacchanals replete with live music and a tremendous vibe. The party’s staying power derives from the history of its founding members – Mani Nilchiani and Arya Ghavamian – who initially wanted to create an event that emulated