Matthew Lipsit: Your name probably speaks for itself but is there a story behind it you’d like to share? Tagteam Terror: It seems like our name would be a description of our sound but you won’t hear that much “terror” during our DJ sets nor our productions. As we started this project, we used a lot of EFX (effects) while mixing and especially worked a lot with the “roll-effect” on

Nicole: Not only are you a member of The Glass but you co-founded the Plant Music record label as well, is that correct? Which came first, The Glass or Plant Music? Dominique: Plant Music came first, I started it in 1997 with Marcus Lambkin (Shit Robot) and we mostly did parties and Djed aorund New York. The first 12” we released from Dublin based DJ Wool, who ironically is the

This week we caught up with long-time Blisspop friend, Steven Hawley to discuss his relationship with Bliss and the creative process of writing Codebreaker’s latest album, The Space Chase. 1. Please discuss your relationship with Bliss/Blisspop – how your friendship with Will Eastman began, etc. Well, I’ve had the pleasure of both DJing & playing with the live band for Blisspop. Will & I have a somewhat lengthy history…he’s actually

School may have taught us a bit about reading, writing, socializing and calculating the laws of physics but, for one, it still lacks a concentration for music’s evolving sub-genres [sigh].  However, students affected by this insufficiency have tended to find answers on their own terms, as did Virginia Tech’s Tommy Davidson – otherwise known as Dream Cop.  Tommy is one of the latest scholars to acquire presence in the independent

Several days ago I had the pleasure of conversing with Thomas Redmond of DC’s own True Womanhood. We talked beer and music and art, among other things. It was interesting and informative and I’m excited to see Thomas and his two bandmates open for NYC’s Bear Hands this Wednesday at U Street Music Hall @ 9 P.M. While only three musicians, True Womanhood combine to create a lot of noise. Driving bass,