Magda press image
Magda is an artist of many trades. On Friday, she will be wearing her DJ hat when she plays at U Street Music Hall, but she has tried her hand everything from distilling tequila to fashion and visual arts. Born in Poland but raised in Detroit, Magda became immersed in Detroit’s underground dance music scene as a teenager. By 1998, she joined Minus and was touring with Richie Hawtin. Magda tours extensively,

JUICE at U Street Music Hall (July 8, 10pm)
Learn more about Alex DB, Ayes Cold, Jacq Jill and more before their show on Friday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Alex DB, like many, is looking for the perfect beat. Her dance stylings span genres and eras—classic house, reggaeton urbano, go-go, diva-laden disco, Latin freestyle, just to name a few. She believes in partying “just because” and decolonizing the dance floor—join her! DJ

The BIG BOOM feat. The Golden Pony at U Street Music Hall (July 3, 9:30pm)
Learn more about The Golden Pony, Fort Knox Five ft. Qdup, Dirty Looks, and Juan Zapata before their show on Sunday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. The Golden Pony broke onto the scene in mid 2013 with a string of bootleg remixes of old and new artists. They have since gathered over 10,000,000 plays across Soundcloud and Youtube, had three #1 hits on Hype

Who doesn’t love a good disco edit? Danish producer Ziggy Phunk basically specializes in the funky disco department, bringing us a great rework just in time for the summer. The original track this time is “Summer Grooves” by Mirage, where Ziggy Phunk gives the 30+ year old funky masterpiece a proper house revival. The sweet sax solos, groovy basslines, and of course the vocals that push the message of the whole track are

Anamanaguchi (DJ Set) & Skylar Spence at U Street Music Hall (July 2, 10pm)
Learn more about Anamanaguchi and Skylar Spence before their show on Saturday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. The birth of Anamanaguchi must have taken place in the middle of mankind’s greatest sugar high. The rosy-cheeked little thing came out of the womb, was slapped on the ass by the jovial delivering doctor and started laughing hysterically, blowing disco ball kisses in between its unprecedented fits of