Tiger & Woods at U Street Music Hall November 4
Learn more about Tiger & Woods before their show on Friday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Shrouded in mystery! No one knows where it’s coming from, no one knows where it’s going. Well, that’s all about to change. Those special extended disco versions that have been carefully tuned, remixed, over-dubbed, sliced and diced by Larry Tiger and David Woods have caused quite a stir. In a

Loframes artist image
One of DC’s busiest DJs, Eau Claire, gets remixed by London-based duo Loframes in today’s feature. The young Londoners debuted in 2015 and have since released an impressive number of club-ready tracks. Loframes’ rendition of Eau Claire’s “All the Wonder” is a bouncy synth-pop beat dominated by a biting bass line that is sure to resonate on the dance floor. With its crafty percussion and creative synth play, this remix reveals

Lemaitre at U Street Music Hall on November 2
Learn more about Lemaitre before their show tonight at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Lemaitre is an electronic duo hailing from Oslo, Norway. Formed in 2010 by longtime friends Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund, the band members named themselves after Belgian priest Georges Lemaître, father of the big bang theory. It’s an appropriate reference for their sound, which ranges from electro house to catchy pop grooves

“Starlite” is one of the latest tracks from the Montreal-based disco synth pop band, Le Couleur. This song is irresistible and gets the party started right with a blend of French lyricism and groovy sounds. “Starlite” is on Le Couleur’s newest album, P.O.P, which was released on October 28 via Lux Lisbon Records and is available for order. Their music is recommended for fans of AIR, Sebastien Tellier, and Metronomy. With this new album, Le Couleur embraces the creation of a

U Hell at U Street Music Hall 10/29
Learn more about U HELL, featuring sets by Willy Joy, Jen Lasher, and Ayes Cold, before the show on Saturday at U Street Music Hall. The costume contest will begin at midnight: the winner will be determined by a panel of judges that includes Blisspop’s very own Patrick Blinkhorn. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Don’t try to classify partymaster Willy Joy as anything but that – a party. He and his productions have been packing sweaty