U Hell at U Street Music Hall 10/29
Learn more about U HELL, featuring sets by Willy Joy, Jen Lasher, and Ayes Cold, before the show on Saturday at U Street Music Hall. The costume contest will begin at midnight: the winner will be determined by a panel of judges that includes Blisspop’s very own Patrick Blinkhorn. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Don’t try to classify partymaster Willy Joy as anything but that – a party. He and his productions have been packing sweaty

Later this week, Austin based experimental electronic group S U R V I V E graces Washington’s presence with their brand of dark, rich, organic synth goodness. The group’s contributions to soundtracks for Stranger Things and The Guest have earned them comparisons to artists such as Tangerine Dream and Goblin; their soundscapes sounding raw, analog, and drawing inspiration from 80’s science fiction and horror electronica. Nostalgic and undeniably cool, their aesthetic is perfect now

Rush Plus Artist Image
The DC-based duo Rush Plus (Jackson Ryland and Jus Nowhere) will self-release a colossal record soon. RPDC002 is a top-shelf techno release comprised of “Ten” on the A-side and “D_Tool” and “Detour” on the B-side. “Ten” and “D_Tool” are driven by quality synth design and a merciless kick and bassline. “Detour” is an equally potent track, but it is more introspective and mysterious. We’re excited to see what’s next from

In an age of relentless copycats, it has become increasingly rare to find an artist who stays true to their craft while still improving with every release. Nicolas Jaar began his musical career being lauded as a wunderkind of sorts; the critical darling of dance and indie publications alike, at the age of 17, with the release of The Student EP on Wolf + Lamb Records in 2008. Since then,

Zimmer at U Hall on October 22
Learn more about Zimmer before his show on Saturday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Zimmer’s music is a feel good, body-warming and enthusiastic wave that goes straight to the heart and stays until the end of the night. Growing up between France and California, this young producer is a gentle combination of both worlds: west coast carefree attitude with a twist of Parisian chic. Surfing on Saint-Germain-des-Prés? Hippy