Plaid at U Street Music Hall January 18
Learn more about Plaid and Outputmessage before their show on Wednesday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Although Plaid pre-existed the association, the duo’s Ed Handley and Andy Turner spent most of their early recording years with Ken Downie as the dancefloor-confounding Black Dog Productions. The pair brought several nascent Plaid tracks to the Black Dog table on the group’s debut, Bytes, a collection of tracks recorded

J. Phlip at U Street Music Hall on Jan 14
Learn more about J. Phlip before her show on Saturday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. J. Phlip – Jessica Phillippe – is diehard, born with true grit and skills to pay the bills. Despite her success with the Dirtybird gang, she’s still out there in record stores on the regular… digging, uncovering precious gems and weaving them into her dynamic sets with panache. She’s a hard-working, dedicated

Skymning artist image
Patience is both a virtue and a necessity when listening to ambient techno. Patient ambient techno listeners are rewarded with an enjoyable sonic journey. When listening to Stockholm producer Skymning’s (a.k.a. Erik Lagerholm) “Sfär,” patience is crucial. For the first minute, the listener hears a collection of effected ambient sounds. It’s not until the 1:20 mark that the listener hears the kick drum beat. With wondrous synthesized sounds, unique percussion,

Juan Maclean at U Street Music Hall December 23 2016
Learn more about Juan Maclean before his show on Friday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Prior to becoming one of the most significant names on the DFA label, John MacLean was a member of Sub Pop band Six Finger Satellite. When the band broke up, MacLean’s aggravated emotional state and long-term struggle with addiction took him low enough to provoke a drastic change in lifestyle. DFA head James

Turn up the bass for Autograf’s latest flip of Dr. Dre’s famous hit, Next Episode. This track introduces crisp and clean production to a classic rap anthem and we love the vibe it created. It starts with a vast and airy vocal held down by a smooth, rhythmic keyboard. The beat comes in and suddenly you’re surrounded by dark, trappy goodness. The mix is spacious yet focused, bringing out the