Every now and then something completely unexpected comes your way and you wind up enthralled in an entirely new world. This world is that of Liverpool based artist, Brad Stank. Brad describes his musical world as “sexistential pop,” which is, quite honestly, one of the greatest and simultaneously perfectly accurate descriptors in an endless sea of labels, micro-genres, and #hashtag hashtags. The subject of this feature is the track “Take Me

2018 has been a year full of surprises. Even with all its twists and turns, I’m not sure anyone could have predicted that the first official release from Anders Trentemøller would be a re-imagining of a largely ignored Neil Young cut off his 1982 album, Trans, in the form of “Transformer Man”. The Danish musician has continually straddled the line between indie and electronica over the years, producing wholly emotional and memorable

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Here at Blisspop, we aim to show our audience who’s making their mark upon electronic music culture today. We sort through the good and the bad, bringing you the latest sounds. Back at it again with the latest edition of our series, Feedback Friday. This week, our group of Blisspop contributors includes: Aeron Premo, Alex Rubenstein, Patrick Blinkhorn, Justin Barini-Rivers, and Jonathan Sherman. This week’s music includes tracks by SG

Blisspop is giving away a pair of tickets to Kasbo at U Street Music Hall tonight! See our Facebook and Twitter profiles for more details!   “The goal is to make you wanna dance and cry at the same time,” proclaims Kasbo’s Facebook page. The Swedish producer has been in the music scene since 2013, but just started to gain acclaim in the past two years, first opening for ODESZA