Each summer we're blessed with an epic EDM banger playing in your favorite DJ's set, but we are currently living in Summer 2020 – a parallel universe void of nightlife. With festival season canceled and day parties nowhere in sight, it's a real struggle to get excited about the "Song of the Summer." However, I've stumbled upon a gem that is a fitting soundtrack for these days like this.

When someone asks me what kind of music I like, I no longer know how to answer the question. Punk Rock is my original heart music. It is the first music I heard that defied clichés and consumerism of so much “Top 40” that I grew up with. It is through punk that I first heard the call to social justice, a call that was amplified by the explosion of

Violetta Markelou is a DC-based photographer, stylist and artistic director who also produces music under the moniker Dino. Michael Cobaria, better known by his production moniker Micfreak, has seen his presence become known outside of the DMV scene in recent years, with songs charting in the Top Ten of both Beatport and Traxsource’s charts. Together, they have teamed up for the release of Dino’s single “Vespers”, with Micfreak contributing two

Grieffson is a duo based out of Turkey making some amazing techno and house. Their EP Future & Past is a lovely two-track affair that fits well together. “Future” comes in a bit more uptempo and “Past” is bit more downtempo, but don’t get me wrong — these are both big tracks. “Future” offers a bit more bite and aggression. The punishing bass and the swung hi-hats work well with

Casmalia has released tracks on labels such as Box of Cats, My Techno Weighs A Ton, House of Hustle, and Chub Rub, just to mention a few. She recently dropped this lovely EP on OKNF Records, with the tracks “Money On The Floor” and “Deep Dish” both featuring Cheechmo. I have always been a fan of Casmalia because of the range of styles that she puts into her music. Casmalia