Since the label’s creation not too long ago, the Life And Death records crew have dropped some sexy late-night bombs (see: Tale Of Us’ remix of “Every Minute Alone”). This new remix of Gusgus’ “Over,” released on Kompakt last month, certainly follows suit. On their rinse of the original, Life And Death label head, Italy’s DJ Tennis, and Tale Of Us feed the current obsession with deep, menacing basslines that

Gui Boratto
Brazilian DJ/producer Gui Boratto is putting the finishing touches on his third album. Rumor has it that it will see the light of day by September. Until then, we’ll be seeing some tracks from the album drop as singles over the summer. The first of which looks to be The Drill EP, out July 28 on Kompakt. The B-side on the release, “Stems From Hell,” is a dark, slow-burning growler

Blisspop just happened to come across a bright young producer from New York. Meet Chris McPherson, aka Charlemane. He’s been producing electronic music since the tender age of 19. Fast forward just a a few years and you can certainly tell he’s got a handle on production – whether it be in the realm of techno or the deeper shades of house. Check him out: Never Stop by Charlemane Lost

Kassem Mosse
Photo by Passetti Kassem Mosse’s new Workshop 12 release should come with a warning on the record sleeve: Do Not Open Until Dawn. The Leipzig-based DJ, born Gunnar Wendel, has once again gracefully added to his brand of strange, wonderful music where lo-fi deep house meets raw, dubby techno. “Untitled 2” on the B-side of the three track EP belongs to those dance floor hours when the morning birds are