Popping out of NYC comes an independent duo calling themselves Bikini. Interestingly enough, they formed the tracks from their latest EP RIPJDS individually. It began with the musically educated Olivier Olivier producing the melodies and vocals, and then passing the unnamed drafts to Nigel Diamond who arranged the tracks into their final form. If you ask me, I think the name Bikini fits perfect; two objects work separately to create

Traveling over the Atlantic recently, four conquistadors from Spain by the name of Delorean hit coast and are on their way to the Rock and Roll Hotel on Tuesday (November 23). This Spanish-electro pop band is on tour for their latest album, Subiza, which was released on True Panther Sounds in March. Get a head start this week and join their tropical dance vibe as they smoothen out the ruggedness

Being a long time favorite of mine, The Radio Dept. has never seemed to disappoint me. From their debut album Lesser Matters (2003) to their latest Clinging to Scheme (2010), each track has managed to make a positive impression on the Swedish-based indie band; I still find myself listening through their smoky, alleyway pop on a daily basis no matter the mood I’m in. Accompanying their singles Heaven’s On Fire

I was introduced to Chaz Bundick last winter when he performed at DC9 as Toro Y Moi – the crowd head-nodded their way around to his dreamy experimental tracks. This year, Chaz introduced a new musical project of his titled Les Sins. Les Sins has been named his dance side project for that it ventures your visuals to moving more than just your head. His first 12” single, titled Lina,

Canadian synth-poppers Dragonotte are fronted by the foxy vixen of a singer songwriter Martina Sorbara and backed on bass, guitar, and drums by her male bandmates: Dan Kurtz, Chris Hugget, and Joel Stouffer respectively. Dragonnet combine remarkably versatile and complex synth layers with loud fuzzy guitar, all driven by unrelenting, bouncing dance beats, to create catchy dance-rock that is smeared with bright red lipstick and dripping with sex appeal. Their