France has been feeding influence to their young generations quite well, as recently proven by 16 year-old electro-pop producer Madeon. This kid debuted his skills back in February after winning David Latour’s “One Day” remix contest. Then more recently in October, Madeon took first place again in Pendelum’s The Island remix competition, which was a more serious breakthrough for him entering the electronic music producing world. “..twelve months ago my

You know it’s been a good year when you look back at the new music you’ve discovered and convince yourself that no other year can match up to what this year has produced. An artist in particular that has made this impression is Drew Harris, known musically as Germany Germany. Drew is undoubtedly one of my favorite breakout artists of 2010 after he released his debut album Distorted Disco in

Just a couple of months ago, three young artists by the aliases Gonzo Montaña and AveMaria came together to form a new French disco addiction named Les Loups. The trio is from Hanover, Germany and will be releasing their debut album titled Club Cœur on Miami Beach-based underground-label Umalu Recordings in early 2011. Currently, Les Loups only offers a few unmastered tracks but I couldn’t tell the difference, as each

Popping out of NYC comes an independent duo calling themselves Bikini. Interestingly enough, they formed the tracks from their latest EP RIPJDS individually. It began with the musically educated Olivier Olivier producing the melodies and vocals, and then passing the unnamed drafts to Nigel Diamond who arranged the tracks into their final form. If you ask me, I think the name Bikini fits perfect; two objects work separately to create

Traveling over the Atlantic recently, four conquistadors from Spain by the name of Delorean hit coast and are on their way to the Rock and Roll Hotel on Tuesday (November 23). This Spanish-electro pop band is on tour for their latest album, Subiza, which was released on True Panther Sounds in March. Get a head start this week and join their tropical dance vibe as they smoothen out the ruggedness