I introduced you all to Homeboi, the young French-house producer from Germany, back in November with his debut EP Shrimps. With much anticipation since then, I’m now pleased to announce that he’s just released another gorgeous track that will melt your beat-sicle before you can tell what color it is. The track is Côte D’Azur which is named after the beautiful southeastern coastline of France so if this isn’t enough

Kassem Mosse
Photo by Passetti Kassem Mosse’s new Workshop 12 release should come with a warning on the record sleeve: Do Not Open Until Dawn. The Leipzig-based DJ, born Gunnar Wendel, has once again gracefully added to his brand of strange, wonderful music where lo-fi deep house meets raw, dubby techno. “Untitled 2” on the B-side of the three track EP belongs to those dance floor hours when the morning birds are

The German trio known as Space Ranger has been at it for a long time. Over 20 years of producing and spinning and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. They have settled on a perfect blend of deep house and disco, which leaves much to the imagination when scrolling through their many mixes available on their Soundcloud page. The trio was quite busy in 2010 with the

Coma are Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad of Cologne. These two twenty-somethings were scooped up by Kompakt two years ago and have just released their second EP for the esteemed German label. While their previous releases have typically fallen in the realm of restrained, down-beat electronica, Coma’s newest release, Famous, includes a track that, albeit still low key, has some serious crossover appeal. Hello, Pitchfork. In “Raindrops,” the duo utilizes

Early last week I introduced you all to New Orleans’s groove producer Christoph Andersson. This week, we’re proud to post about him again due to some recent, exciting news. First off, today marks the release of his latest EP “Getaway” – take a relaxing listen and download the mp3 below. We are also psyched to announce that he will be making his debut in Washington DC next month as a