Christoph Andersson debuted just last Fall and has progressively introduced a series of EP’s which have released massively-addictive toxins of neo-disco and funky synth rhythms. This 19 year-old is originally from Washington DC and has since lived for a few years in Germany until now residing in New Orleans. This array of traveling may have sparked inspiration for his relaxing, atmospheric tracks since New Orleans hasn’t had much of a

This week we caught up with long-time Blisspop friend, Steven Hawley to discuss his relationship with Bliss and the creative process of writing Codebreaker’s latest album, The Space Chase. 1. Please discuss your relationship with Bliss/Blisspop – how your friendship with Will Eastman began, etc. Well, I’ve had the pleasure of both DJing & playing with the live band for Blisspop. Will & I have a somewhat lengthy history…he’s actually

EDIT: Star Slinger is unable to make it to the show, his spot will be replaced by Blackbird Blackbird. Even in the depth of winter, DC has been able to book a galore of musicians that will certainly melt you away with more than just the crowd’s stank. The Radio Dept sold out Rock and Roll Hotel this past week and Baths, Star Slinger, and Braids are bound to do

One of Australia’s most recent breakthrough bands comes from Brisbane by the name of Mitzi. This four-piece group flows a consistent jumpy rhythm throughout their 3-track debut EP All I Heard, which was released in December by Future Classic. With each of the members having previous experience in successful bands, this places Mitzi into a unique position of collective talent and gives listeners an optimistic view on their music production.

I was contemplating posting this video because I found out about it a few weeks after it was released, but hey who’s to judge, it’s a great video even if it was posted a month from now, which I’m tempted to doing again. I’ve been hooked on this video and the chick starring in it for a couple days now, it makes me enjoy the song more and I love