Blisspop just happened to come across a bright young producer from New York. Meet Chris McPherson, aka Charlemane. He’s been producing electronic music since the tender age of 19. Fast forward just a a few years and you can certainly tell he’s got a handle on production – whether it be in the realm of techno or the deeper shades of house. Check him out: Never Stop by Charlemane Lost

Taragana Pyjarama is 21-year-old producer Nick Eriksen of Denmark. If trying to pronounce his alias is stressing, don’t worry, his blissful, tropical, easy-going electronic tracks are bound to relax your senses – he planned this out. Nick made his debut with Taragana Pyjarama in late March with the release his Ocean EP on Fool House Records, which includes three originals along with remixes by Ricardo Tobar and Teengirl Fantasy. Each

Since I discovered Junior Boys, I’ve been in awe after each release of theirs. This duo from Ontario have always given emphasis on groovy bass and soft vocals within their electro-pop tracks, which inks their unique signature in music production. After 2 years since their last release, I’m psyched to hear that they’re back – except this time not so junior. Announced last month, they will be releasing their fourth

Pantha du Prince
Hendrik Weber, aka Pantha du Prince, just released XI Versions Of Black Noise on Rough Trade last week. Weber, known for his heavily textured, shoegaze-inspired minimal techno under the Pantha moniker, handed over his original work from last year’s highly praised Black Noise to an impressive roster of artists for remixing duties. The likes of Moritz Von Oswald, Four Tet, Efdemin, Lawrence and Animal Collective take turns attempting to dismantle

Check out the latest mix by Mr. Bonkerz, Blisspop’s own Minister of Discocracy, and don’t miss him at BLISS Saturday night at U Hall! BONKERZ: Vol. 3 by Mr. Bonkerz