Five days prior to the Queen of Pop’s birthday, Danny Daze released a short preview of his take on Madonna’s 1995 club hit, “Bedtime Story.” Daze preserves the deep, obscure, hypnotic tones of the original (co-written by Björk) while slightly speeding up the BPM and adding an 808 bass that’s so low, it’s inaudible through laptop speakers. After teasing his listeners for nearly two weeks, the full-length version is now available

Lots of great mixes out there this week but my pick goes to a dude making serious noise in the disco scene right now. Lou Teti calls Brooklyn home and recently started his own label, Tigers On A Leash. The mix features disco, indie dance and a little downtempo all wrapped up in 45 minutes of goodness. His most recent single, I Know The Way features remixes from heavy hitters

A re-imagining of some classic and newer jackin house and techno as deep and cosmic house in the disco bpm range. The idea came from an email exchange with LOUISAHHH!!!. The mix also includes a few favorites from this year as well as Hot, an unreleased track by Volta Bureau, my new group with Outputmessage and Micah Vellian, and two upcoming VB remixes for Pat Lok and Codebreaker. Recorded live

I’ve been following this guy out of London for a little while now and his tracks just keep getting bigger and better. DiscoSocks is a 23 year old bass player/producer who released his first EP a couple months ago. It includes a ridiculously funked out disco track called, “Slap My Bass Up.” I know what you are thinking….reminds you of The Jackson 5? I agree. Take a listen to the

A nice new, deep slow disco mix from long-time Blisspop friend Brian Billion. This one is a keeper. Play it next time you’re taking a stroll on the moon. Wasted Space by Brian Billion