This week’s mix comes from Australian DJ/Producer Luke Foskey aka Young Edits/Youth and Richard Alexander who have combined forces under the name Irrelevant Celebrities. Plenty more can be found here. Also check out their SoundCloud page which is loaded with tracks/mixes/edits. Hope you all like this mix. It has a little bit of everything for everyone, ranging from Disco to House to Funk. Enjoy! Irrelevant Celebrities – Bring On Summer

Another week down and lots of big time mixes to choose from, but I had to go with Dimitri From Paris, aka the disco assassin. His recent 120 minute set recorded live at the Space Terrace in Ibiza is full of upbeat, happy disco beats that should get your weekend started off right. Dimitri From Paris – Live From The Space Terrace, Ibiza (8-28-11) Other honorable mentions for this week

This week, Berlin/Prenzlberg-based label Get Physical released a four-track remix EP of Siopis’ “Stinky Socks,” oddly leaving out the title track and adding a re-edit and Adam Port remix of “Lost Battleships” and a Boogie Drama and Haito Göpfrich remix of “I Try To Fight.” The slow pace, dark synths and intergalactic blips in Siopis’ re-edit of “Lost Battleships” extends it as a personal favorite out of the four – while

Jubilee Mo is one of my favorite DC DJs. His sets and original productions are steady, deep and sexy. He’ll be at U Street Music Hall this Friday with Bruno Pronsanto and Blisspop’s own Lxsx Frxnk, who will be setting the mood with a frothy deep/minimal opening set, blindfolded, with hands tied behind her back, in a panther costume. Or so I’m told. I sat down with Jubilee to talk

Tanner Ross’ highly anticipated Bside EP drops this week on No.19 Music. The frequent Soul Clap collaborator has put together two seriously funky mid-tempo tracks with a that RnB tinge we’ve seen in his other productions. Deniz Kurtel contributes a darker take on “4 U” to round out the release. Unreleased, these tracks have been getting some nice play during the summer season. Good to see them finally see the light of