Coma are Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad of Cologne. These two twenty-somethings were scooped up by Kompakt two years ago and have just released their second EP for the esteemed German label. While their previous releases have typically fallen in the realm of restrained, down-beat electronica, Coma’s newest release, Famous, includes a track that, albeit still low key, has some serious crossover appeal. Hello, Pitchfork. In “Raindrops,” the duo utilizes

“Music with a groove” writes Vancouver electronic music producer, Ian Bevis, on the genre explanation of his one-man band titled Bear Mountain. Ian has been progressively experimenting within a variety of genres since 2009 and is now grasping the attention of a new audience with a recent release. While going through Bear Mountain’s discography, I was surprised to see his past production of acoustic music as it seems he began

Little Loud, aka Will Phillips, is an electronic popster from Brighton, UK who has a very soothing portfolio of chillwave remixes. This young chap has been revisiting tracks from a variety of artists over the past year including Memory Tapes, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Yeasayer and even Bruce Springsteen. He seems to put each of them on stage with a synthetic orchestra to create an elaborate version of its original