Recently I’ve been satisfying my craving for chill, downtempo tunes with the very lovely music of Nicolas Jaar. A smooth combination of organic elements and electronic beats, something about the detail and complexity of Jaar’s tunes leaves me in awe after every listen. Jaar was born in 1990, only barely able to legally drink yet he already has his own label, “Cloud & Sunset” after having put out his first

It’s been about a year since Norway’s young disco duo Lemaitre released any new catchy tunes, until now. On Tuesday, they announced that a new album is in the works and will be released this Fall. Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund formed the group in 2010 starting with the The Friendly Sound EP along with a few singles around the web. Each of their tracks have carried a fairly

Brand new French electronic duo Cherokee is definitely one group to watch closely this year. Members Terence N’Guyen and Dorian Miche have been releasing a consistent set of slow, soulful disco over just the past 2 months since the group’s existence. Each of their four tracks was released right in the heart of summer for a reason as they bring beachy dance vibes throughout. French electronic label, Shiny Disco Club

With plenty of patience taken in wait for Air France’s new work, the time has come. After two years since their last release, Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt from Sweden are close to releasing their first full-length album. The beach pop and Balearic disco that Air France showed off in their EP’s No Way Down (2008) and On Trade Winds (2006) gave listeners excitement for their beach dance party playlists

After holding off releasing any new work for a year, underground French house producer Evil Stereo is back, however, with a new outfit to start things fresh. Silver Age Scientist is the name and officially made the announcement last month with his first track Atom Kids. Behind the gas mask, synths, and samples is an 18 year old from Florida who remains nameless and faceless at the moment. He previously