A new group has joined the Gomma family and they go by the name Esperanza. The Italian trio just released their first EP, Sirena and a full album will be coming later this year. The eclectic skills of each member creates a unique sound when their forces are combined. Carlo has produced under the name Cecile with remixes for Munk and Headman on the Gomma label. Matteo is a bassplayer

Blondes – fresh from a well-received performance at Space, Ibiza – are making a stop in D.C. tonight with one of France’s foremost electronic musicians, Joakim, and Fixed resident DJs, Dave P & JDH. The Blondes’ signature sound — pulsating, layered, melodic electronics matched with ritualistic drum patterns — has landed them remixing spots for the likes of Health, John Talbot and Rihanna, in addition to an EP released on

I’d like to introduce you all to a new artist out of Columbus, Ohio who has been producing a lush selection of electronic music over the past few months. Jeremy Rike is the man behind the production and has presented his slow, soulful sampling work under the name Dose. He recently released his EP online in March titled Bliss and just released his LP titled The Daydream Effect on July

I’ve heard Big Spider’s Back being mentioned around before but never took the time to sit down and listen until now. BSB is an evolved electronic solo project of Yair Rubinstein’s who is originally from Seattle but now resides in Brooklyn. His latest album, titled Memory Man, is what caught my attention and is now terribly making me regret ignoring his music before. The record has recently become available via

Taragana Pyjarama is 21-year-old producer Nick Eriksen of Denmark. If trying to pronounce his alias is stressing, don’t worry, his blissful, tropical, easy-going electronic tracks are bound to relax your senses – he planned this out. Nick made his debut with Taragana Pyjarama in late March with the release his Ocean EP on Fool House Records, which includes three originals along with remixes by Ricardo Tobar and Teengirl Fantasy. Each