Outputmessage (Bernard Farley) – producer, DJ, record label owner, math nerd and lead singer of up-and-coming electronic group Volta Bureau – is about to release his first EP of 2011, entitled Game Over. It’s been approximately a year since the release of his esteemed second album, Autonomous, and he’s now conquering new musical territory in Game Over that employs 80s synth pop, disco, break-beat, Baltimore club, Hip-Hop, and some of

We introduced you to NYC electronic duo Bikini last year with the release of their debut EP RIPJDS. Since then, they’ve been through quite a bit including releasing a remix version of the EP and planting thousands of trees daily. Today, they kindly released what seems to be a part of an upcoming album – despite being questionably sorted in an old playlist on their website. “End of Mars” is

Having recently released yet another extremely well received album, Lovers Do, on his thesongsays label, Blisspop had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Ford, aka Bruno Pronsato, to talk influences, collaborations, and naturally, speed metal vs. techno. Don’t miss his live set at U Hall this Friday. Locals Jubilee and Lxsx Frxnk will handle the warm-up duties. Advance tickets can be purchased here.

Italian chillwave group Casa del Mirto has indeed been a bit busy at the production table over the past 6 months. The catchy, dreamy pop released within their debut LP 1979 earlier this year caught my attention and has kept me on a listening/stalking spree since. I’m glad to hear they are now releasing a double album titled The Nature this month that contains new originals along with some contributions

I introduced you to Little Loud, young electronic artist from the United Kingdom, back in March with his remixes for Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Clock Opera. I’ve been following his work since then and am excited to see that he’s been working on some productions of his own recently. It seems as though his practice with remixing has paid off with his first two tracks that were just released