Larry Tiger and David Woods make up the disco-based rework duo, Tiger & Woods. I know what many of you are thinking and the answer is it’s purely coincidental. Their explanation: They liked the way it sounded. Regardless, they embraced the correlation through EP releases like “Hole In One” and “Caddy Shag” last year. Another interesting tidbit about the disco-funk tandem is their mysterious secrecy. Unless you’ve seen them live,

Griffin James, a Melbourne-based producer more commonly known as Francis Inferno Orchestra, takes deep house tracks and gives them a touch of disco boogie to create a soulful musical experience. He took the music blog world by storm with the release of Me & You back in November and gained worldwide support including spots on mixes by Aeroplane and The Magician. His most recent work can be found on the

I’ve had this track on repeat for about 3 weeks now and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Released on UK’s ISM Records, boogie producer Ron Basejam has created a truly brilliant and soulful disco masterpiece. Just give it a listen….I promise you won’t be disappointed. Alena – Changes (Ron Basejam Remix)

Timothy Sullivan, aka Das Moth resides in Tokyo, Japan and he loves his disco spacey. He moved there from Melbourne a couple years ago after his mother told him to go somewhere that makes him happy. Having been to Japan twice before with no regrets, the choice was rather easy. His music incorporates deep, dark bass lines accompanied by uplifting, Balaeric synth melodies as can be heard on his Moon

After establishing a well-respected stance in the market of electronic music, producers Clancy and Build have now collaborated for the next phase of their careers to create Miroir. As of last week, they released Miroir’s first five tracks within the “So Fewer Particles Scatter” EP over at Holographic People. The purpose of this endeavor is to merely showcase creative original work outside of their individual reputations for remixing. At first