Blisschix is a new Blisspop series in the spirit of #womencrushwednesdays. Our goal with Blisschix is to highlight talented female artists who are having a substantial impact in the music industry, particularly in electronic music. In light of our upcoming Blisspop Disco Fest at 9:30 Club and U Street Music Hall on Labor Day weekend, we decided to buzz about artists and curators in the disco and boogie genre for our

Eau Claire Artist Image
Rachel Wong aka Eau Claire is a Washington DC based producer who is known for her eclectic remixes and original tracks that feature her signature blend of house, nu-disco, and indie dance. In 2016, she kick started her own Feed Me Disco music label where she supports releases for up-and-coming nu-disco and house music artists. It felt like a breath of fresh air to speak with Rachel. She radiates positivity

Oscar Martinez cuts right to the chase when I sat down with him last Saturday about his reticence towards interviews. “It’s kind of funny, but I really hate being in front of people,” he says, “but I love to DJ. I just wanna make a really good time, so I don’t really think a bunch about how I look.” Inadvertently, Oscar (who performs under the slightly different spelling of OZKER)

Indigo artwork
LA-based artist Kan Wakan (aka Gueorgui Linev) put out “Indigo” a little over a week ago. “Indigo” reminds me of a Thundercat–Moon Boots hybrid track with several other flavor notes in there. Elle Olsun’s vocals fit well in this track. If this is where electronic jazz is going in the future, I would be pleased.

Here at Blisspop, we aim to show our audience who’s making their mark upon electronic music culture today. We sort through the good and the bad, bringing you the latest sounds. Back at it again with the latest edition of our series, Feedback Friday. This week, our group of Blisspop contributors includes: Alex Rubenstein, Will Creason, Connor McInerney, Justin Barini-Rivers, and Yvette Bailhache. This week’s music includes tracks by Charli