Best of 2016: William Creason’s Picks

UTTU Label Boss Rupert Cogan

[Unknown To The Unknown boss Rupert Cogan (aka DJ Haus) is pictured above]

Best Remix

MichaelBrailey, “You Said We’re Not Dying” (7777777 Remix) [Hush Hush]
I played this track during every club set throughout 2016. The remix’s waves of intensity crest to release rolling shake off kicks and precision chopped vocal elements all while gliding across timeless pad tones.  Every time I play this, I feel like I’m at the edge of club music’s boundaries, watching a new uncharted territory slowly coming into view out of the mist.

Track Of The Year

Fort Romeau, “Secrets & Lies” [Live At Robert Johnson]
It might bear a passing resemblance to last year’s runaway hit “What’s A Girl To Do” by Fatima Yamaha, but “Secrets & Lies” shows that movie-dialogue-sampling lightning can strike twice.  The first half of “Secrets & Lies” moves through a stunning set of melodic elements with lush vintage synth washes giving way to a bubbling acid line.  Then: the breakdown, one of the most patient drop outs and builds of the year culminating in an incredible finale. One of the rare tracks where every moment of the 9-and-a-half minute playing time are fully necessary.

Label Of The Year 

Unknown To The Unknown
No label worked harder and released more solid tracks across a wide range of styles than UTTU in 2016.  Many of my favorite tracks from this year saw release on UTTU and its sister label Hot Haus, including Alden Tyrell‘s squelchy remix of LA-4A‘s “I Feel It”, the blown out 95 jungle excursion “Leisure Complex” by Daze, and Merimell‘s full throttle 909 bounce on “Workout” and “Getting Hot”.  Add to that: new music from Mall Grab, Legowelt, Mak & Pasteman, and DJ Haus.  Unknown to the Unknown’s release schedule was packed with high quality cuts from January to December.

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