Taking a cue from his recent travels and the perspective gained from rising through the ranks of the independent dance scene, Jamie Prado, hot on the heels of revealing his label Midnight in Paris, is back in 2016. With a new project entitled Return to Indio, no doubt a reference to the positive vibes of Coachella, the Los Angeles soundscaper is forging a new path for himself draped in sun drenched

Le Youth has been on our radar after a string of phenomenal releases  (“Real,” “Cool,” and “Touch” to name a few) and multiple high profile remixes for artists such as Chromeo, Disclosure, and Jess Glynne. The L.A. based producer has found a comfortable corner for himself in today’s dance music webscape by surrounding himself in pop-driven house sensibilities; the same sensibilities that has made house music so approachable in a

This past weekend marked a benchmark for the indie dance music community. Five years ago, LCD Soundsystem made their final swan song under the roof of New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden during an epic, four hour long journey through the band’s trajectory. Tears trickled. Joy soared. And in a penultimate moment of balloons, delay, and  light, one of the most prominent heartbeats of New York’s post-9/11 indie scene took

Compilations are rough to conquer. As far as hand selecting and curating a unified soundscape while demonstrating a sense of diversity within the track selections themselves, it can be an arduous process – much like editing a film or a DJ trying to decide which black v-neck to wear (hint: the blackest black). Some labels, thankfully, have a grip on what works well with what despite how difficult the selection

Recently released through independent label South By Sea, pop artist Ofelia K‘s first official release of 2016 is making the rounds through the indie dance blogosphere. The track, a playful game of language entitled “Cinco,” is a light, indie-electro pop number which swaps out typical 4/4 structure for something more meticulous and downtempo. In fact, while it’s technically an electronic track, the use of electronica based elements mirrors that of