Bridging the gap between the legendary soundscape of Nashville and the forward thinking electronic landscape of D.C. is an artist named Patrick Baker. A singer, songwriter, and producer whose voice has been featured alongside major talents like Giraffage, Lane 8, and Autograf to name a few, Baker consistently pushes his talents beyond what’s expected him with each release. But while his status in the indie dance world seems to be

By now, Hotel Garuda‘s imprint is on everyone’s radar. Between continually lighting up the internet and featured sets at renowned cultural epicentersĀ like Coachella, the duo, which is comprised of Manila Killa and Candle Weather, continues to mystify with their blend of the old and the new. Which is why their latest remix, a flip of Blonde and Craig David’s track “Nothing Like This,” makes absolute sense. Much like Hotel Garuda,

We’ve poked fun at David Guetta in the past. For a DJ who built his reputation on his blend of French house music and the disco clubs of yore throughout Europe, his career has certainly taken an odd turn in later years as he plummeted away from the soulful and uplifting into the deep, dark, muddy waters of electro. Thankfully, however, London’s Disciples, known for their infectiously groovy tune “They

Today, we lost a living legend. The man who many said floated into a room instead of simply walking. The man who proved that sex appeal is genderless, everywhere, and oftentimes in the form of something purple. The man who evolved, shapeshifted, and demanded us to express ourselves. He demanded us to strive forth, accept our vulnerability, and use it as our ultimate weapon. And in his embrace of being

Philco, on a hot streak which has him supporting acts like Catz ‘n Dogz and Damian Lazarus, is in the process of breaking the mold. With a sound that’s still firmly rooted in the underground, but a finesse that continuously pushes forward into moreĀ current house aesthetic, the D.C. based producer and One Love Massive collective member is setting a new standard with his recent spin of Dennis Cruz’s “Zoo Project.”