A sign is waving in the distance that reads “Get VonStroked.” A man, in an orange and yellow spandex suit with a cracked egg emblem on his stomach, is at the front of the crowd alongside a gaggle of raving brethren. I am backstage. Beside me is Grill$on, Dirtybird’s resident pit master, and we are wearing matching Vans sneakers; they have cheeseburgers on them. This was the Dirtybird BBQ in

Legend has it that a man in his 20s sat in a dimly lit dive bar in San Francisco with his brother and a couple of friends doodling on a cocktail napkin. These guys had a similar energy, a vibe, that sat somewhere on the fringe. They didn’t have any interest in chasing whatever was popular: they were outcasts looking to incubate their own sound because they felt like there

I’ve known Brennen for quite some time. Having initially met him within the confines of a darkened booth on a Saturday night in one of D.C.’s dance music utopias, U Street Music Hall, what truly struck me was his energy. Banger after banger in rapid succession, but letting the tunes do their bidding like a true underground DJ. I remember this night vividly because it was one of those occasions where the

Coming off the massive Swerve compilation from Perfect Driver today is “Reflection”: a hard hitting, tech house banger from Copenhagen’s Alex Index. Hand picked by label head Matthew Anthony and Mark Starr, the track blends the best of booty shaking bass and crisp percussion creating a driving force which bounces, breaks, and is wholly unstoppable. It’s the best of what tech house has to offer at the moment and its glued

Later this week, Austin based experimental electronic group S U R V I V E graces Washington’s presence with their brand of dark, rich, organic synth goodness. The group’s contributions to soundtracks for Stranger Things and The Guest have earned them comparisons to artists such as Tangerine Dream and Goblin; their soundscapes sounding raw, analog, and drawing inspiration from 80’s science fiction and horror electronica. Nostalgic and undeniably cool, their aesthetic is perfect now