Some welcome fire from BK’s always reliable producer known as Aimes. This guy has been coming through with heat for a hot minute and his latest, aptly called “Weird Taak” may very well be one of his hottest. Found fourth on Reinhardt Music’s Infinite Loop Volume 01 compilation, this is a house track that goes deep from the jump and contains some crazily distorted “vocals” along with these delightful little sounds hidden in

Saint Valentine may have said his goodbyes until next year but the complexities of love remain in the air thanks to a sultry new gem from UK producer JVXTA (pronounced Jux-tuh). “When We Kiss” is one of four New York inspired deep house tracks produced by JVXTA and gifted to the BK label Homage for their upcoming release Homage 003. Captivating from its opening pulse, the song pays ‘homage’ to the

A small record label out of São Paulo called Easytiiger may be on the cusp of putting Brazil higher up on the electronic music radar thanks to their newest compilation entitled Easytiiger_001. The hot six-track EP (which has already sold out of its super limited 12″ edition) features the songs from four up & coming Brazilian artists including two known as Mootron and BRZLN Air who linked up for the final standout track

The hotness from overseas just keeps on flowing. Up next on the repeat platter is a delicious offering of the song “Order To The Senses” by a Berlin duo known as Snacks, remixed by a Stockholm producer and DJ named Kornél Kovács who features the tune as a B-side track on his debut EP/10″, Szamár. In its original state, “Order To The Senses” gives off soft and translucent house vibes with airy vocals

It has been quite a minute since any new solo sounds have come from the Parisian producer called Darius. Known for his chilled down beats ranging anywhere in between house, disco and electro, Darius has given light to some of the best remixes for artists like (to name an illustrious few)  Jungle, Crayon, Flight Facilities and the magical “Sunlight” remix by The Magician. And now after a three year low-key hiatus, he