London producer Ted Jasper has just added ‘vocalist’ to his list of talents with a new, vibey, mid-tempo groove called “Back For More.” Inspired by a scene from the movie “Rounders,” Jaspers’ new single is loaded with addictive electronic and acoustic elements along with lovely hints of jazz and soul sprinkled throughout. Although this is his first release as a singer/songwriter, his thoughtfully written lyrics and beautifully layered vocals show

There’s some mystery surrounding the identity of new artist Mild Minds (rumor has it he’s really Benjamin Plant, creator of Miami Horror, but this has yet to be confirmed) but one thing for sure is his music is straightforward, feel-good, electronic dance music with just the right amount of synth, soul and seductiveness. Swim is Mild Minds’ three track debut EP that was only released last week on Foreign Family Collective, a

Brooklyn’s heavy hitting imprint Razor-N-Tape Reserve keeps the summer vibes coming with a new hot one from London-based producer Alistair Gibbs, aka Nebraska. Usin’ Me gets served up four different ways on this EP and it’s Nebraska’s sample-ridden edit that gets things crackin’ first with a highly energized, house infused disco banger. Hard to identify R&B samples have been running rampant on Soundcloud lately, but Nebraska puts a fresh twist on

A little over two weeks ago, Nicolas Jaar quietly dropped a solo full length album called 2012-2017. Only he did it under his old alias A.A.L (Against All Logic) on a newly created Soundcloud page that hardly anyone is following, so for the most part, the initial release went pretty much unnoticed. Which is quite the shame because it’s some of his finest work put together and missing out on a

Some welcome fire from BK’s always reliable producer known as Aimes. This guy has been coming through with heat for a hot minute and his latest, aptly called “Weird Taak” may very well be one of his hottest. Found fourth on Reinhardt Music’s Infinite Loop Volume 01 compilation, this is a house track that goes deep from the jump and contains some crazily distorted “vocals” along with these delightful little sounds hidden in