Track of the Year ANZ “No Harm” In a year where most everyone went dark and foreboding and self-serious, “No Harm” from ANZ’s Invitation 2 Dance goes the opposite direction with an intense ray of light that parts the storm clouds. The track slingshots through a wonderful build and plants two dancing feet into a buoyant bassline and wriggling synth. Four minutes of proof that fun indeed still does exist

There are few D.C. acts more iconic than the Blackbyrds. Formed in 1973, the Blackbyrds had a string of all time dance club classics including “Do It, Fluid,” “Walking In Rhythm,” “Flyin’ High,” “Happy Music” and “Rock Creek Park.” Ahead of their performance at Blisspop Disco Fest this weekend, we talked with Blackbyrds band leader Keith Killgo. So I wanted to start with that fact that you are a DMV

Ahead of Onra‘s upcoming DC appearance this Saturday, we are taking a look back at five tracks from the producer’s highly varied catalog. Onra – Don’t (Bo Bun) (2006)One of Onra’s first credits is an album with Parisian producer (now based in Cuba) Quetzal. The format is similar to Stones Throw Records beat tapes like Madlib’s Beat Konducta series and J Dilla’s Donuts: short instrumental hip-hop sketches presented as a

Rosalia & Refree At Primavera
Last year an initiative called Keychange launched in the UK to push toward achieving gender balanced festival lineups across Europe. With wide support, 45 international festivals and conference pledged to have gender-equal bookings by 2022. In this study conducted by Pitchfork in 2018, only three of twenty large festivals reached a gender balance in 2018, zero out of twenty in 2017. In 2018, for example, the regional Firefly Festival had