Fool’s Gold Records co-founder Nick Catchdubs launches a new series of productions with “UFO Style”. Catchdini’s latest emerges from hazy intro with trunk rattling low bass end hits leading into the mangled earworm refrain “I’m higher than a UFO”. The track meshes a sun-drenched retro synth pad with slow motion club knocking percussion straight out of a Mustard beat, Drive meets “Burn Rubber.”  

It’s the summer of 2001 and every week I look forward to Sunday night. Four blocks from my apartment in Adams Morgan is a club called the Blue Room. It’s a slim three story building two doors down from Heaven & Hell (which, remarkably, is still open for business in 2018). For me, Sunday night at the Blue Room has two major things going for it. First, it’s free. This

Confused John Travolta in a record store
In April 2017, the German company Fraunhofer IIS announced that it was terminating patents related to the MP3 file format. The news was incorrectly reported as the “Death of the MP3,” as if all MP3s will stop working once Fraunhofer pulls a giant lever in their office building. Obviously, this was not the case — a year later MP3s are easily still the most downloaded digital music consumed. The story

Phaeleh - Lost Time
We talked to Phaeleh, the producer of a unique strain of deeply cinematic music rooted in the bassweight of UK soundsystem culture. Q. Matt, thanks for taking out time to chat with us. Can you tell us a bit about your background? Did you grow up in Bristol? Has the sound of the city had an influence on your music? I grew up down the road from Bristol, but have

Charlotte de Witte
Up-and-coming Belgian DJ / producer Charlotte de Witte released her latest EP, Heart Of Mine, this past week on Barcelona powerhouse label Suara.  Lead-off track “This” opens the EP in grand fashion, distant atmospheric swirl around the eponymous spoken refrain before a solid kick drum enters to ground things.  From there, the track launches into a hypnotic techno mover whose intensity waxes and wanes with bowling snare drum rushes.  Charlotte