Haaayyy! What’s up? Morgan Tepper (aka DJ Lisa Frank) here with a list of my favorite music, parties, bars, etc. of 2010. Feel free to comment below w/ feedback & come hang out w/ me at U Street Music Hall on May 28th when I open up for Will Eastman at BLISS! Favorite Live Acts: Miami Horror/Kid Sister & Willy Joy Favorite Club: U Street Music Hall Favorite Bar: Velvet

Here’s a Disco House remix I did of the lovely Pipettes from the UK, released by Fortuna Pop last year. Enjoy and feel free to post! The Pipettes – Stop The Music (Will Eastman Remix) And here’s the OG

The best tracks of 2010, and the best moments of those tracks, chosen by U Street Music Hall co-owner Brian Billion 1. Kingdom – “Fogs” The moment when everything goes hollow at 1:27 2. Azari & III – “Reckless (With Your Love) (Tensnake remix)” At 0:08 when the beat drops and you realize it’s going to sound exactly like the summer of 1991 and nothing like anything else in 2010

10. Moombahton but really Velvet Abdul Moombahton Mondays Mix – Summer of 2010 by davenada 9. Kushi restaurant 8. Jackass 3D 7. Zombies for Money 6. Numbchuck enemas 5. “I missed my flight” Munchi 4. Short term memory, masturbation and Black Swans 3. Git em and Steve Starks 2. Plaid pants, perverted grandfathers and hand towels 1. The Eastman mustache

Twenty ten produced a lot of good Disco House, Cosmic House, Tech House, Techno, and Dubstep. Our friend Dave Nada invented Moombahton, which in my opinion will be seen as a break through moment in DC music and dance music in the years to come. In general, I feel in 2011 there will be a move away from car alarm sounds toward tracks that are sexy and full of dance