Lane 8 “The One” (forthcoming) Indie dance/nu disco wiz, Lane 8, has been a favorite of mine for awhile. His forthcoming release is a beautiful merging of deep house and indie dance. Look for an upcoming date with him at U Hall. Option4 “Love Like No Other” feat. FLASHLIGHTS” Option4 is my bud Brennen Bryarly from Denver. Brennen holds down some of the best parties in Denver and he’s been

This review got me thinking. Journalists don’t so much report on divisions and rivalries between different forms, genres and approaches to music as they create them. This is of no fault to the journalist, but rather lies in the impossibility of conveying the complexities of culture, of reality, in a sound bite. A distillation is necessary—Democrat vs Republican, business vs labor, rock vs disco, etc.—in order to arrive at an

Bliss is the among the very best things that has happened to me. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to play music for you at the party every month and it’s safe to say that if you weren’t there to support Bliss back in 2001, 2004, 2008, etc. a lot of things that I hold dear, not least a DJ and music production career and U Street Music Hall,

Jubilee Mo is one of my favorite DC DJs. His sets and original productions are steady, deep and sexy. He’ll be at U Street Music Hall this Friday with Bruno Pronsanto and Blisspop’s own Lxsx Frxnk, who will be setting the mood with a frothy deep/minimal opening set, blindfolded, with hands tied behind her back, in a panther costume. Or so I’m told. I sat down with Jubilee to talk