Outputmessage is DC-based producer Bernard Farley. Bernard is also one third of Volta Bureau, who have reached audiences the world with their blend of house and indie dance styles. Today, Bernard has released his third album,the Asteroids EP which will take each listener to a viewpoint far above the city. The three-track album provides a blend of electro and deep house that is surprisingly light on vocals, something that’s usually

Award-winning jazz-pop musician Rai Thistlehwayte is making a huge comeback under his solo project Sun Rai this year. Originally from Sydney, Rai has lead numerous music groups and collaborations under the roles of pianist, guitarist, and vocalist, all while holding a well-known, reliable songwriter reputation. At the age of five, Rai was already familiar with piano and educated with bass and guitar from his parents who were successful musicians. Rai

When it comes to embedding personal character into one’s musical output, Swedish group Georgian Waters takes the cake. Since early 2011, they’ve been producing wistful dream-pop that seamlessly parallels their personalities. The act’s latest release, the chic single Dead In No Time, pulls you through a documentary-type tunnel vision of youthful nostalgia, conjuring visions of running on the beach with a Super 8 and jamming in bedroom studios. Georgian Waters – Dead

Toronto-based producer Meesha has  undoubtedly been building his well-rounded reputation in electronic music since his debut in Fall 2012. Primarily releasing a mixture of downtempo house, Meesha brings soul samples, deep bass, and future garage aesthetics into his work. Meesha’s debut EP “Solar” was just released earlier this year and delivered some outstanding tracks – most notably “Miss You” and “Summer Love”. [bandcamp width=450 height=120 album=788858140 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5] Meesha – Solar

Lane 8 is Daniel Goldstein, a self-starter musician who, for the past year, has been determined to escalate the local electronic music scene just as much as his daily commute up the hills of San Francisco. Starting in 2012, Lane 8 has been Daniel’s medium for electronic dance and house music. He’s been producing, releasing and performing sans label and has built quite a respectful crowd for his accomplishments thus