Picture of Martín Miguel
As both a DJ and the label boss at Better Listen Records, Martín Miguel has a reputation for selecting quality soul and disco inspired dance music. On the same evening at the end of September that I talked to Martín about Better Listen Records, I asked him several questions about his artist career. In the artist interview with Martín, we touched on everything from his thoughts on buying and DJing

Picture of Hot Coffee DJing
DC-based DJ/Producer and founder of the Sticky Fingers Collective, Hot Coffee (aka James Hamilton), has a sexy new track on Brooklyn’s Super Tuff Records. The highlights of “On The Verge” for me are the bassline groove, the distorted horn instrumental, and the heavy kick drum sound, but there are other elements in the track that are sure to keep you moving. If you’re looking for a track to heat up the

On an evening at the end of September 2017, I caught up with Martín Miguel, asking him about Better Listen Records and his DJ career. In this first half of the interview, Martín told me why he started Better Listen, what distinguishes Better Listen from other disco and house labels, some of his insights into the DC party scene, thoughts he has on cultural appropriation in music and what disco has

Picture this: you’re walking through Baltimore and you pass an ordinary-looking house that has a band playing what sounds like drum and bass. You trespass on to their property to get a better listen — sure enough, there’s full band in the steamy basement rocking drum and bass’ familiar fast breakbeat sound. The lead singer’s down-home vocal timbre along with the instrumentation give this live take on drum and bass

R&S Records Image
For electronic music enthusiasts, especially the techno-inclined, R&S Records is one of those “it” labels. Founded in Ghent, Belgium in 1984 by couple Renaat Vandepapeliere and Sabine Maes, R&S boasts releases from titans in the scene such as Aphex Twin, Derrick May, Joey Beltram, James Blake, and many more. Vandepapeliere shut the label shut down in 2000, but it re-launched 2008. Earlier this year, I noticed that a lot of