IERRP Soundcloud Profile Image
Bordeaux-based artist IERRP released “Dubbin’ In Da Din” a few days ago, a tasteful lo-fi house track. IERRP described the track as having “reggae-ish chords at 128 bpm.” Besides the the reggae-ish chords he describes, the track features compelling percussion, a good structure that keeps the listener engaged but is also conducive to dancing or getting some work done, an acid-style synth sound that comes in around mid-track, and a

Image of Vance and Suzzane
Music enthusiasts and digital cratediggers are always looking for music they haven’t heard to add to their collection. The obvious place to look for previously unheard music is in the charts for newly released tracks. However, many listeners including myself have turned to the past for unearthing new music. To better help me find older gems, I’m even building a front-end web application as a side project that searches record

Moon Boots Artist Image
Our friends at U Street Music Hall announced yesterday that they are bringing Moon Boots to Union Stage on Thursday, May 10. This May 10 date with Moon Boots will be the first show in an upcoming series at Union Stage for U Street Music Hall. Union Stage has a smaller capacity than U Street Music Hall, so expect a more intimate vibe for the shows that U Hall presents there.

Work Ethic Flyer
Ahead of the Werk Ethic party at U Street Music Hall tomorrow night, the party’s resident DJs Nick Garcia and Ken Lazee each named three house/techno tracks from the 80s/90s that mean a great deal to them. Listen through their selections and read the reasoning for their picks. Ken and Nick impressed us with their first Werk Ethic party at Ten Tigers, so tomorrow’s party is a guaranteed good time.

Picture of Martín Miguel
As both a DJ and the label boss at Better Listen Records, Martín Miguel has a reputation for selecting quality soul and disco inspired dance music. On the same evening at the end of September that I talked to Martín about Better Listen Records, I asked him several questions about his artist career. In the artist interview with Martín, we touched on everything from his thoughts on buying and DJing