Tuesdays can be overwhelming, especially for those of us searching through the new releases that are all put out (in the U.S. at least) on Tuesdays, but DC-based DJ/producer Pentamon’s forthcoming release, The Afterworld EP, made my Tuesday search for music worthwhile. The EP consists of two tracks, “Virgil” and “The Afterworld.”  The dark mood set by The Afterworld EP will haunt you, but this is the type of haunting

Indian DJ/producer Arjun Vagale’s productions are very distinct: driving bass lines, atmospheric sounds, and a masterful use of effects combine to make his music intense. Yesterday, Arjun uploaded a sample of his forthcoming release on Suara, “Black Strobe” – this track may be his most potent yet. Whether “Black Strobe” is played in a sweaty warehouse rave, a club, or a festival, it’s sure to get people moving. The track

Not a whole lot is known about Pretty Pink. She claims to have risen from the deep woods in Germany, but much of her identity is shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that Pretty Pink released a breathtaking cover of Haddaway’s 90s hit, “What is Love.” Pretty Pink’s production/composition is exquisite: listen for the unique-sounding snare drums, the powerfully moving chord progression, the alluring instrumental melodies, and the

The Kalkbrenner brothers (Paul and Fritz) hail from the Lichtenberg district of what was East Berlin. Paul Kalkbrenner is known primarily for techno. While Fritz Kalkbrenner also produces dance music, he is self-described as a “soul boy,” and his productions often lean towards deep house. Fritz sings in many of his tracks as well as this track that was featured on the soundtrack Paul composed for the 2008 film “Berlin

Berlin based composer/producer Nils Frahm declared today, March 29th (the 88th day of the year on non-leap years draws an allusion to the 88 keys on a piano), the first Piano Day. In celebration of this holiday, many artists broke out their pianos and composed pieces – Tale of Us did just that. For those who aren’t familiar with Tale of Us, they are a Berlin-based DJ/Producer duo composed of